Monday, March 5, 2007

Pre Production logistics

Mr. Fausto Olmos will be playing the lead, Jesus.

Anna Yosin will be playing Jesus's wife Karen.

We found out our original desert location was a giant sand trap. We were stuck in the sand for about 4 hours. However, we finally got out WITHOUT A TOW! It was quite amazing. Katie Harris was there sweating it out with us pushing the van and digging out the tires. We would have been totally finished if it weren't for the weird scrap metal and wood that was in the desert.

Ironically, we found a perfect location for the ending of the film and the scene where the immigrants are picked up.

Casa de los Niños is now an official sponsor of the film along with the Guadalajara Grill.

The Casa de los Niños thrift store is located at
1302 East Prince Road
Tucson ,AZ 85719

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