Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We filmed the opening sequence early Saturday morning at 3 Points followed by the pickup from the bus stop and the bathtub scene. Manny Ruvalcava played the first coyote in the film who drives Jesus and two other immigrants to the US. Fausto's father, Fausto Olmos senior played the role of an undocumented immigrant who comes out of the trunk of the car with him. Our good friends Sam Polito (Sound), Hank Knaack(Boom/Dolly Operator), Carina Johnson(Log), Justin Stern (Assistant Camera) were there on set to help us along with Rogelio Garcia (DP). Roch Mirabeau also loaned us his vehicle and security services. Lexi of AZSessions was there to hold it down on the still photography.

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Anonymous said...

That guy Jesus his one sexy guy, is he married? Just playing just waned to say that its looking good. My husband is happy to be doing this. Thanks for the opportunity. Veronica Olmos